It seems almost too fundamental to mention but, there will always be the need to heat and cool fluids. Either extreme can prove to be disastrous for any industry. Whether you’re a food processor that must maintain precise kettle temperature control, a mobile medical unit in the UP, a chemical plant or paper maker in Wisconsin that continuously needs to keep critical products or equipment at precise operating temperatures, Tighe-Zeman fully understands the importance of temperature control. Here again, the technological possibilities are endless and understanding the subtle differences and advantages of each takes years of experience and training. How precise must temperature be maintained? What’s the best way to monitor and control the temperature? How do we assure safety, cost efficiency, equipment longevity and reliability? All of these and many more are important questions that must be addressed. Our engineered systems allow us to answer these questions by furnishing solutions that include chillers, pumping skids, and custom heating and cooling heat transfer packages.

Many times these fluids will then need to be stored, maintained, mixed, or further heated or cooled. This raises the need for process tanks and pressure vessels. Buckeye Fabricating provides us with the capability to furnish carbon steel, stainless steel or high alloy tanks and pressure vessels with multiple options for jackets and custom configurations. Belding Tank Technologies is our source for high quality custom made Fiberglass (FRP) tanks. Both of these companies are easy and enjoyable to work with and provide prompt turnaround on quotation requests, approval drawings and deliveries.

With the background in engineered systems & tanks, expertise, and resources required to make the right choices when considering the many parameters, options and variables that exist, we’re here to answer your questions and more. Give us a call to see how we can assist you with the correct equipment design, installation, training and service required to solve your engineered heating and cooling issues. Tighe-Zeman, Engineered sales and service‚Ķ

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