In the filtration & waste treatment world today, there are few buzz phrases more overused and trite than “Green Technology”, “Eco-Friendly”, “Earth Loving” etc. At Tighe-Zeman these are not buzz words…they’re words to live by. Whether you need to filter 10 GPM or 10,000 GPM from 5 micron to 500 micron, we have the means and expertise to make it happen. By utilizing the combination of our engineering experience and the quality manufactures that we represent, clean water issues will become distant memories. We will help you to decide which of the many filtration technologies will work best in you specific application. We can tell you if an Arkal spin kiln filtration technology versus an Amiad automatic self-cleaning disc filtration system will best solve you needs. Or, if perhaps a PEP multimedia filter solution will be more effective than a centrifugal separator. The possibilities are endless but there will always be the ideal… and Tighe-Zeman will find the optimal technology for cost-effective performance.

Beyond filtration, we can also assist in treating your industrial wastewater via Evoqua filter presses and sludge dryers, and Applied Mechanical clarifiers, oil water separators, and Dissolved air floatation (DAF) systems. If a turnkey packaged system is required, we have the resources to furnish a custom designed and skid mounted system complete with a treatability analysis that allows us to guarantee results. This package can include pumps, tanks, controls, and the process equipment required to meet the regulatory discharge requirements for your plant.

From municipalities needing to upgrade their current system, to the power, industrial, sanitary, or commercial HVAC operations that must comply with current regulations for clean water, Tighe-Zeman is ready and equipped to answer the call. Starting up or starting over, retrofitting or revamping, the need for clean water cannot be questioned or ignored. All that is really needed is a call to Tighe-Zeman for your filtration and wastewater treatment requirements.

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