At Tighe-Zeman, we service what we sell.

At Tighe-Zeman we fully understand the critical need for timely and efficient maintenance and repair services. Your equipment simply has to work. Period. That’s why we’re your one stop shop for parts & service for all of the manufacturers we represent.
Just contact us to quickly obtain parts lists, assembly drawings, price and lead times of the parts you need for your repair.

We take pride in helping customers repair units on their own. But when time or ability is short, call us to discuss your service options. Many of our suppliers offer exchange programs, for fast replacement of old or worn out equipment. This can save you down time and often may be cheaper than trying to repair a unit. In addition, on-site factory repair or service techs are possible for many of our vendors.

Lightnin has a service center located in Delavan WI. This allows us to send out service techs to repair equipment in your plant or, have your equipment shipped to their facility for an inspection report and repair estimate. When Lightnin repairs a piece of equipment, it is usually spun and pressure tested before being sent back… Typically, they will furnish a new product warranty for most things they repair.

Watson-Marlow will provide free demo pumps for trial in your facility. This will allow you to confirm successful operation of their technology in your actual process and applications.