The Following Personnel Are Available for Your Assistance:

Dan Tighe, Managing Member
Graduate of Marquette University (B.S.C.E.)
Registered Professional Engineer
Contact Dan at | Desk: 262-439-2320 | Cell: 414-254-0570

Robert Zeman, Retired
Graduate of Marquette University (MBA & B.S.)

Tim Bleach, Sales Engineer
Graduate of Marquette University (B.S.M.E.)
Contact Tim at | Desk: 262-439-2322 | Cell: 414-322-4317

Danny Tighe, Sales Engineer
Graduate of University of Wisconsin Madison (B.S.B.M.E.)
Contact Danny at | Desk: 262-439-2329 | Cell: 262-224-9224

Matt Parker, Sales Engineer
Graduate of Purdue University (B.S.M.E.)
Contact Matt at | Desk: 262-439-2327 | Cell: (414) 810-9396

Erik Browne, Sales Engineer
Responsibilities include inside sales support and technical sales.
Contact Erik at | Desk: 262-439-2321 | Cell: 414-610-4959

Kathleen Kruegel, Office Manager/Sales
Responsibilities include accounting and inside sales support.
Contact Kathy at | Desk: 262-439-2325

Barbara Schmidt, Customer Service/Sales
Responsibilities include order entry and inside sales support.
Contact Barbara at | Desk: 262-439-2326